Celebrating Pugs

Welcome Chubber to the Celebrating Pugs Family!

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Chubbers needs your help! A victim of violence, this pug has been lying in pain for days without veterinary attention. He is screaming in pain and needs help immediately. Celebrating Pugs is taking Chubbers into rescue today to get him the medical assistance he desperately needs. Please help support the rescue as they help give Chubbers a chance!

You can donate to Chubber’s medical expenses and get updates by clicking here.


Author: Dabbling In My Mind

In the recesses of my mind it darts into deafening caverns of the past and present; of hurts and fears; of known and unknown; of things said and unsaid; all fighting to surface; all wanting a voice but knowing they are unheard; always silenced; always dampened; always squelched; always yearning for more; never quenched. Searching for a voice; just a voice; any voice. For a moment, dabbling in my mind. Where do you go from here?

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