Celebrating Pugs

Adopting Our Pups

Adoption Fees: 

Under 1 Year:                                   $350.

1-9 Years:                                           $300.

10+ Years:                                          $225.


All dogs that are adopted from our rescue have had a full physical examination, are up to date on vaccinations, are heartworm negative and are microchipped. They are also on heartworm preventative and flea & tick preventative. On rare occasions there are exceptions to this rule. If that is the case we will disclose that information to you. Vetting is non-negotiable.  Know that we have more invested in our pups than is ever recouped through adoption fees. Therefore, our adoption fees are non-negotiable.


Are You Interested In Adopting? 

We do everything we can to match you up with the pup of your choice. However, there are times when we have multiple applications on pups. We always make the best decision possible for the pups. Rescue is about the pups – not about the humans.

We always start with an application. We will not set up a meet n’ greet with a potential adopter until a completed application is submitted and approved. We don’t bend the rules on this.

When submitting an application we need all of the information filled out. At times we’re told that filling out the application is a hassle or too time consuming. If it’s a hassle or you don’t have the time to fill it out – you are not ready to transition a pup into your home. Pups take time. If your application is not complete – we will not process it. It can take up to 2 weeks to process an application. You should alert your references and vet that a Celebrating Pugs representative will be calling.

We do not operate in a shelter environment. All of our pups are fostered in private homes. Appointments and approved applications are required to visit any pup.

Home visits are a requirement. If you are not in our immediate area, we will have an associate of ours in your area contact you to complete your home visit. We work with rescues across the country and in Canada. Some of our pups will require a secured fence. If this is noted on the adoption listing – it is non-negotiable. There are reasons for our decisions. We are very familiar with our pups.

Spay/Neuter Policy: Your current pups and cats must be spayed and/or neutered. If there are extenuating circumstances you should let us know at the time of application – and your vet must verify the reason. Verification does not guarantee we will make an exception. We feel very strongly about pet overpopulation.

Fencing: We do not require that every adopter has a fence. Some of our dogs require them, while others will do well in an apartment setting. We make this decision on a case by case basis.

Vaccinations: All current pets must be current on all vaccinations and yearly examinations. We will ask and verify this fact.

Renters: We will require a copy of your lease and/or a letter from your landlord that says you are allowed to have a pup on your rented premises. Verification shall include a telephone number. We will make the telephone call.

Adoption fees can be paid by: cash, check or credit card (via paypal).


Meet N’ Greets: 

All family members, including the furry ones should plan to attend the meet n’ greet. We generally set our meet n’ greets up at pet friendly parks (not dog parks) or at the adopters home. We will discuss this when we call you to set up the appointment. Following a successful meet n’ greet, we will set up a go home date. If you are traveling to pick up your pup we can coordinate your meet n’ greet with a go home date.

Going Home: 

You should plan to pick your pup up. We do not put our pups on transports to forever homes. If you are not prepared to  pick up your pup you should find a rescue closer to home. This is a non-negotiable policy. We have had people travel 15+ hours one way to pick up our pups. They are worth every minute! (If you are unable to travel please ask us to refer you to one of our rescue associates closer to your home).

When you arrive to pick up your pup you should have a collar (or harness), leash (preferrably not retractible – for your safety), a crate for safe travel, your vet’s fax number and your adoption payment.

You will also need to bring your patience and loving arms for extra hugs. This is another new experience for your pup. There will be a transition period. They may tinkle or have an upset belly, be suddenly shy ….a multitude of different things. Remember, they’ve been through a lot and they are just beginning their journey with you and learning a new routine with new people, and possibly some fursiblings. Things take time. These pups are so worth it.

We will send you home with a small quantity of the food your pup was eating so that they have an easy tummy transition.

Just a final note:

Please be patient when contacting our rescue. We are all volunteers who also have families, personal obligations and jobs outside of our volunteer work at the rescue. This is not our job. This is our passion. We desire to place each and every pup in our care into a loving forever home. Know that we are few but we are working every extra minute we have to get these babies into homes….but we are also feeding them, vetting them, nursing them, walking them, socializing them, and loving all of their pieces back together.

Our pups are busy as well. Few arrive completely well adjusted. They are “broken” – physically and emotionally. Their worlds have been turned upside down and they are confused and scared. They are busy learning to trust and be loved like their supposed to so they can go into your home to become your new family member. And …they are so worth it!



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